As you get older, your eyesight goes through changes. These changes are to be expected. It can be difficult, however, if you are young and you start to experience problems with blurry or distorted vision. If you are in the Coldwater, Sturgis, or Angola areas and you’re looking for an ophthalmologist you can turn to Holicki Eye Centers & Optical. When you come in for an appointment, one of the first things the eye doctor will check for is the presence of Keratoconus.


What is Keratoconus?

The cornea of the eye is the clear material that covers it. The cornea is held in place by tiny fibers that can become weakened. There is no definite reason as to why this happens with some people and not with others. As these fibers weaken, the cornea loses its dome-like shape. This normally starts happening when a person is young and becomes stabilized in their late 20's or early 30's.

This loss of shape causes vision problems such as blurry vision because the cornea is what allows light into the eye and the images caught by the eye become reflected differently. For some people, the distortion is minimal but with keratoconus, there can be considerable scarring, distortion, and even legal blindness before stabilization.

Ophthalmology Treatment Options

There are both surgical and non-surgical treatments for this disorder. Your ophthalmologist will try the least intrusive first. The first attempt involves soft contact lenses that will gently give shape to the cornea. These are sometimes paired with rigid, gas-permeable lenses. The lenses can be changed if your vision needs change. If the damage has been considerable, you may need to also wear regular glasses.

As for the second option, surgical procedures often start with implants called Intacs. These consist of a plastic ring that is inserted into the cornea. It flattens out to provide support for the cornea. There have been some newer procedures that are promising but many places prefer to stick with the proven methods of treatment especially when dealing with young eyes. As a final attempt, a corneal transplant may be necessary. With this, the old cornea is completely removed and replaced with a new one.

An Ophthalmologist You Can Trust

If you live in the Coldwater, Sturgis, or Angola areas and you’re having eye problems that you believe should be checked out by an eye doctor, contact Holicki Eye Centers & Optical. Our staff is well-trained in handling all types of ophthalmology problems. We can also provide all of your routine eye exams. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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